The Best Skincare Products According To Our Editors


What's your skin type? Are you a maximalist or minimalist?

"I have oily skin. I'm a minimalist but mostly due to lack of discipline. I wash and moisturize morning and night with Cetaphil and use Thayer Rose Petal witch Hazel as a toner."

What's your biggest skincare concern? 

"Acne, but the witch hazel has helped a lot. Also, uneven skin tone."

Do you have any kind of weird skincare ritual?

"Not unless you count hating to wash my face at night and therefore only doing it 50% of the time."

What are your 3 holy grail items? 

Radical Skincare Age Defying Exfoliating Pads: "These are insanely amazing. You will get addicted to them, I promise."

Shani Darden Resurface Retinol Reform: "This is a great retinol serum for sensitive skin—it's really gentle."

Leaders Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask: "I'm a huge fan of Korean sheet masks because I don't take great care of my skin. Using one every so often makes me feel better about myself. I especially like them when traveling."

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