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Glow Up Brightening Kit

$ 20

Get your glow on with the Glow Up Brightening Kit! This carefully curated collection includes a range of brightening sheet masks that will leave your skin looking fresh, radiant, and glowing.

Each sheet mask in this kit is designed to target different skincare concerns and improve the overall appearance of your skin. From reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation to illuminating dull and tired skin, these masks are packed with powerful ingredients that will leave you with a lit-from-within glow.

The Glow Up Brightening Kit includes a variety of sheet masks that cater to different skin types and concerns. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, there is a mask in this kit that is perfect for you. The masks are all made with high-quality materials that adhere to your skin perfectly, allowing for maximum absorption of the brightening ingredients.

Give your skin the boost it needs with the Glow Up Brightening Kit. It's time to unleash your inner glow and let your skin shine!

What's Inside: 8 Masks

  • Labotica Skin Soft Mask Bamboo x1 
  • Labotica Skin Soft Mask Rice x1
  • Nature Effect Yuja Vita Mask x1
  • Nature Effect Tremella Mushroom Mask x1
  • Shining Effect Brightening Pearl Mask x1
  • Vita Brightening Skin Renewal Mask x1
  • Illuminating Skin Clinic Mask x1
  • 7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask x1

* $26.00 Value for $20.00

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