Leaders' Coconut Factory in Vietnam

Leaders' Coconut Gel Sheet Masks are the next generation sheet masks developed using top innovative technology to bring you the best quality sheet masks on the market by our leading dermatologists in the world. Not only do we offer the top technology but also we take pride in using premium ingredients and we do not use 4 chemical additives: paraben, alcohol, artificial coloring, and minerals oil in our products. We source the fermented 100% natural organic coconut juice from Thu Dau Mot city in Binh Duong Province in Vietnam. According to Wikipedia, "Thu Dau Mot has been seen a rapid expansion and economic development since 1997, as the province has become an important industrial hub of the region. In January 2007, this city was officially recognized as a third-class town, It became a city in July 2012. There is a 4200 hectars urban-tech park under development here." As a innovative skincare company, we are able to offer you the perfect combination of innovation and high-quality ingredients in at the most effective price.

 Coconut Factory
 Coconut Factory



10x more moisture lock capability than traditional woven masks.


Amazing adhesive properties with contour-fit technology compatible with all face shapes.


Made from 100% all-natural non-irritating materials.


Top innovative Bio-Cellulose technologies.


Dermatologist tested

Process of Coconut Masks

From Leaders Coconut Factory


After thoroughly selecting coconuts, fresh coconuts are harvested and juiced in a Leaders Factory in Vietnam


Two skin friendly strains are added to the coconut juice to begin the fermentation process.


For one month, the bio-cellulose structure is slowly formed as the strains develop.


Concentrated coconut is formed into sheets during the natural culture process.


The coconut gel sheets, which contain proteins effective in brightening ans soothing, are cut into facial mask shapes.


The coconut gel masks are then soaked in leaders dermatologists ready to hit the market.