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Foot Care Kit

$ 42

Do you have Dry Calluses and Dead Skin? Then, the foot care kit is perfect for you!

The Self-exfoliating foot mask which is specifically designed for dry, coarse,
cracked, or rough feet. It contains papaya extract, AHA and BHA formula gently exfoliates and removes dead skin from feet, leaving them baby soft, healthy, hygienic, and odorless. It also contains hyaluronic acid and urea that helps soften and moisture the foot and then use Put Your Feet Up! mask to nourish feet and give nutrients and intense hydration to your feet.  


Single: 40ml

Box: 40ml x 5


  • Dry and rough feet
  • Calluses and dead skin
  • Essential Wonders I Peel Good Masks! (3 masks)
  • Essential Wonders Put Your Feet Up! Masks (3 masks)
  • FREE Essential Wonders Talk To The Hand! Masks

*$56 Value for $42 

How To Use: 

I Peel Good Mask:

1. After cleansing the feet, take out the mask-socks from the pouch and cut along the middle line with scissors to open them. 

2. Put each foot into the socks and secure them with adhesive tape.

3. Leave on for 60 minutes then discard. 

4. Rinse feet with warm water

5. Dead skin with begin to naturally exfoliate in 4-7 days. Do not remove peeling skin by force. Individual peeling time may vary. Recommended to use again after complete removal of dead skin cells. 


Put Your Feet Up Mask:

1.) Remove mask-socks from the packaging and divide them in half along the dotted line. 2.) Put on socks, strip off the adhesive sticker and adjust it around the ankle. 3.) Leave on for 10-20 minutes, then discard. 4.) Gently massage the remaining serum until fully absorbed.

*Use Essential Wonders I Peel Good Masks! every month and use Essential Wonders Put Your Feet Up! Masks every other week to keep the hydrated effect to your foot. 

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