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Brightening Box

$ 50

Let us take you on your personal skincare journey with specially curated for dull and uneven skin tone. 

Each skincare product is formulated with natural botanical extracts and vitamins for a healthy glow on all skin types.

Inside, you'll discover one Argan oil cleansing wipe, one radiance-enhancing coconut gel mask, and two premium cotton sheet masks and two brightening Tencel masks, and one brightening leave-in mask, two toning essence that will leave your skin as bright as a pearl.


  9 products 
  • 7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening
  • I'm Phyto Vitamin
  • Skin Clinic Vita Brightening
  • Skin Clinic Illuminating 
  • Amino Clearing
  • PHA Sleeping Mask Brightening
  • First Shot Active Essence Age Control 150ml
  • First Shot Active Essence Age Control Travel Size 30ml
  • Argan Oil Cleansing Wipe

*$63 Value for a total of $50

* This product will come inside the box and the box color may varies.

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