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Primer Mask Kit + Free Headband

$ 18

Need to get ready for a night out or have a special occasion? Prep your skin for flawless makeup application with our Primer Mask Kit! Specially formulated to give you that airbrushed finish, our primer masks slough away flaky dead skin cells and hydrate for dewy, smooth skin. Infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and boost the skin's bounce. Get textureless, prepped, and primed skin in 5-10 minutes stat!

Each mask targets a specific skin concern/type for optimal effect.

What's Inside:

Let Me Shine: Skin tone + vitality + translucent, glowy skin (for uneven tone or pigmented skin)

Blooming Face: Nourishing + vitality + bouncy, glowy skin (for dull, tired, lifeless skin)

Goodbye AC: Calming + soothes irritation + smooth, glowy skin (for acne-prone skin)

How It Works:
• Creates a base for long-lasting makeup
• Prevents faded makeup caused by excess oil
• Improves dull skin tone caused by dark spots, pigmentation, and freckles
• Prevents creased or caked makeup caused by pores, rough texture, or dry, flaky skin

* A Free Headband with Purchase!

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