Leaders Cosmetics USA

Mediu Amino AC-Free Mask

$ 3

Leaders Mediu's Amino masks contain 17 different types of amino acid, which are natural moisturizing factors, Amino masks help to moisturize, protect, and soothe the skin by supplementing the essential ingredients for skin composition.

  • Recommended for:
      • Skin with acne, pimples, or itchiness
      • Oily skin due to excessive sebum
      • Skin with an oil-moisture imbalance
  • Features:
      • Active ingredients, such as AHA and BHA, exfoliate while calming and comforting oily, sensitive skin.  They control excess sebum and dead skin cells that block the pores.  By cleaning and removing these impurities, sensitive skin is soothed and cleared of blemishes.
      • Snail mucus ingredients soothe the acne-prone, sensitive skin and relieves blemishes due to irritation.  

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