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I'm PHYTO Collagen - Vegan Mask

$ 3

I'm PHYTO Collagen vegan mask is an elasticity and lifting care mask that helps to improve elasticity of the skin with plant-derives Phyto Collagen and gives you a plump skin!

Volume: 25ml

How to Use:

  1. After cleansing, prep the skin with toner, place mask on the skin, contouring it to fir the curves of the face.
  2. Leave the mask on for 10~20 minutes.
  3. Remove mask and gently pat the face with fingertips until the remaining essence is fully absorbed.

※ Lightly press on the mask before use so that the active ingredients of the essence can be evenly absorbed into the sheet mask.

※ Tear off the incision on the bottom right corner and apply the remaining essence onto any dry areas of the body.

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