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Daily Wonders Mask Kit + Free Headband

$ 35

Step up your skincare game with our fun and super-acting Daily Wonders Kit! Our masks are designed to hydrate, detox, clarify and soothe your skin, giving you that megawatt glow. Our soft, adorable animal headband keeps hair out of the way so you can get your mask game on!

What's Inside: 7 Masks

  • Daily Wonders What Happened Last Night? Mask
  • Daily Wonders Pore Gone for Good Mask
  • Daily Wonders Breakup with Your Ex-Skin Cells Mask
  • Daily Wonders Bye Bye to Dry Mask
  • Daily Wonders Too Much Fun in the Sun? Mask
  • Daily Wonders Relax, It's Zen Time! Mask
  • Daily Wonders Detox and Chill Mask

* A Free Headband with Purchase!

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