Welcome to Leaders Cosmetics USA!

We believe that our high performing products, made with innovative technology and the finest natural ingredients, will help women and men achieve flawless skin with exquisite results, time after time. Every formula is developed by our experienced and devoted dermatologists. Through meticulous clinical testing, we ensure that you receive a product that is ready to powerfully transform your complexion.

With a passion for perfection, our mission is to inspire the natural beauty that lies within in order to reveal a new confidence through healthy, glowing skin.



- Leaders Cosmetics was founded in Korea, in 2004, by two leading dermatologists from Korea’s top university.
- Our first brand, Insolution, quickly became one of Korea’s best selling facial sheet masks and is now being introduced to the American market.
- We now have branch offices and warehouses established in the United States, Switzerland, and China.
Our lines:
Insolution – Safe, Effective and Correct daily skin care regimen for the health of you’re skin. Insulation, the compound name formed from the words “in” and “solution” is the brand focusing on regenerating the skin from the inside out. Insulation line is designed to care for under-skin problems by offering a personalized cosmetic formula made with natural ingredients according to skin type.
Mediu – Medicine for U. Delivers the most ideal texture and functions to the skin through a daily system.
Life Source – Leaders Life Source Science is our innovative anti-aging line containing the stem cell protein developed as a result of our long-time effort to deliver rejuvenating effect to the skin. AAPE, patented by Leaders, the protein extract from stem cells, promises to give you younger-looking and glowing skin.
AAPE exhibiting the finest rejuvenating effect for the skin.
AAPE (Advanced Adipose-derived stem cell Protein Extract), the ingredient acquired through the process of extractive protein from the stem cell, helps to regenerate your skin by supplying the energy of the stem cell culture fluid.