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Calming Biotics Ampoule + Cooler Kit

$ 44

Skin Rebirth Biome Solution Skin core reinforcing postibiotics

Calming, reinforcing, protecting solution for irritated and sensitive skin. Helps improve the skin's natural self-regenerating ability to overcome the external environment, a regimen for skin health.

Wrinkle Care Product: Comfortably calms sensitive skin whose balance has been disrupted by external irritants.
  • Skin barrier recovery (self-regenerative ability) improvement
  • Skin calming effect
  • Sensitive skin irritation test completed

Volume: 30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz

How to Use: 

  1. Pull out the silicone ring from the face cooler and remove the cap from the serum ampoule.
  2. Attach the serum ampoule to the face cooler by inserting the tip of the ampoule into the cooler and turning clockwise until securely attached.
  3. Lightly press the top white button of the ampoule with the index finger to dispense the serum.
  4. Gently swipe the cooler over the entire face, evenly distributing the product. Massage the serum into the skin with the cooler until absorbed.

Pro Tip 1: The product will continue to dispense for as long as the button is pressed, making it easy to adjust the amount.

Pro Tip 2: Chill the face cooler for a cryo facial massage treatment. 

* $55.00 Value for $44.00

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