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Kill Off Zits Anti-Acne Kit

$ 12

Introducing the Leaders Kill Off Zits Anti-Acne Kit, the ultimate solution for acne-prone and oily skin. This curated kit has everything you need to combat stubborn breakouts and achieve a clear, smooth complexion.

Eradicate pimples and banish blemishes with this powerful kit, specially formulated by skincare experts. Each product included in this kit is packed with potent ingredients that work together synergistically to tackle acne and excess oil production.

What's Inside: 5 Masks

  • AC Clear Skin Clinic Mask x1
  • Mediu Amino AC-Free Mask x1
  • Mediu Amino Clearing Mask x1
  • Tea Tree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask x1
  • Labotica Skin Soft Mask Green Tea x1

* $16.00 Value for $12.00

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