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Stop Overreacting Calming Kit

$ 24

Introducing the Leaders Stop Overreacting Calming Kit - your secret weapon for attaining a calm and soothing complexion, while also indulging in a much-needed moment of relaxation.

Our Calming Kit is carefully curated with the finest ingredients to promote tranquility and bliss. Each mask is infused with calming and soothing agents that help to alleviate stress, reduce redness, and restore balance to tired and overworked skin.

Not only will your skin thank you for this revitalizing experience, but the aroma of each mask will transport you to a state of zen, easing your mind and melting away your worries!

What's inside: 10 Masks

  • Nature Effect Oat Mask x1
  • Nature Effect Cica Mask x1
  • Nature Effect Heartleaf Mask x1
  • Labotica Skin Soft Mask Green Tea x1
  • Labotica Skin soft Mask Bamboo x1
  • ImPHYTO Mucin Mask x1
  • Cica Calming Mask x1
  • Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask x1
  • Daily Wonders Too Much Fun in the Sun? x1
  • 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask x1

* $30.50 Value for $24.00

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