Brit+Co: "This Korean Beauty Co Is About to Make Sheet Masks Even MORE Popular"

This Korean Beauty Co Is About to Make Sheet Masks Even MORE Popular

By Kimberly Wang

We’re all given just one skin to live in, so we might as well take good care of it, amirite? By now we all know how important taking off all your makeup at night is + smearing on SPF when you’re gonna go outdoors. I mean, you don’t get to be a60-year-old mega-babe beauty vlogger by not treating your skin well. One of the hottest beauty trends to come out of Asia since the BB Cream is the sheet mask. Several celebs are already on board the sheet mask train, like Lady Gaga and Chrissy Teigen to name a few.

The latest news is going to make sheet mask enthusiasts rejoice. According toWWD, one of the biggest cosmeceutical companies in Korea, Leaders Cosmetics Inc. just unveiled two brand new collections of face masks: Daily Wonders and 7 Wonders, both are a part of the company’s Insolutions premium line. The masks will available exclusively on the Leader’s US e-commerce site on August 23 and are already (!) on Ulta.


The Daily Wonders masks are $4 each and are jam packed with an entire bottle of serum for lots of rehydration, while the 7 Wonders masks clock in at $6 each and are made with advanced coconut biocellulose.

Leaders Cosmetics Inc. was founded in 2004 as a post-plastic-surgery brand. As they stated on their site, their first line “Insolution, quickly became one of Korea’s best selling facial sheet masks” and was “designed to care for under-skin problems by offering a personalized cosmetic formula made with natural ingredients according to skin type.” The aptly named company leads the Korean sheet mask industry with over 250 million sheet mask sales per quarter — on average, that’s about three million sheet masks sold each day. Believe us now when we say that sheet masks are hot?


Sheet masks are going nowhere. So you might as well get used to seeing this everywhere. #Normal.

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(h/t WWD, photos via Leaders + @ladygaga@chrissyteigen)