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Leaders TECA Cooling Pad (80 Pads x 130ml)

$ 17

Soothe and Refresh with TECA Cooling Pad

Introducing the ultimate relief for dry, overheated skin – the TECA Cooling Pad. Each of the 80 pads, soaked in 130ml of light blue, moist essence, is specifically formulated to provide instant cooling and calming benefits. Ideal for the 20-30 age group, these pads are perfect for addressing dryness and sensitivity.

Featuring stretchable pure cotton hole fabric, our pads ensure essence is tightly held, providing a moist feel for an extended period. With natural extract complex, guaiazulene, and a blend of probiotics, it effectively dissipates skin heat while improving the skin barrier.

Volume: 130 ml / 80 Pads

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate cooling effect and dryness relief
  • Stretchable and adhesive for targeted application
  • Vegan and eco-friendly material
  • Clinically proven to reduce skin temperature and improve the skin barrier
  • Gentle on sensitive skin with a safe, non-irritating formula

How to Use:

Gently wipe your skin with the pad, following the skin texture. For enhanced cooling and calming care, stretch the pad and apply it to areas of concern for 3-5 minutes.

Main Ingredients:

  • Guaiazulene: Efficacy in calming irritated skin
  • Teca Biome™: Features Centella Asiatica quantified extract (Teca), three types of probiotics, and one type of prebiotic for comprehensive microbiome skin barrier calming care
  • Double S Cooler: A cooling ingredient that quickly soothes overheated skin

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