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Leaders Calming Biotics Ampoule (30ml)

$ 27

Transform Your Skin with Calming Biotics Ampoule

Dive into a skin soothing journey with our Calming Biotics Ampoule, a sanctuary for sensitive skin facing the harshness of daily environmental stressors. This high-potency formula, enclosed in a 30 ml vessel, leverages the harmonious blend of Fusidium coccineum ferment filtrate, Cica liposome complex, and plant mucin to deliver a comprehensive skin care solution that calms, strengthens, and protects.

Crafted for those whose skin craves relief and robustness, this milky ampoule imparts a silky, non-sticky texture upon application. Its rapid absorption ensures a deeply hydrated experience, fostering a complexion that feels rejuvenated from within and smooth to the touch. The Calming Biotics Ampoule is not just a product but a step towards reclaiming your skin's health and vitality, making it an essential component of any skincare regimen aimed at combating sensitivity and enhancing the skin's natural defenses.

Volume: 30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate calming effect for sensitive skin with Fusidium coccineum ferment filtrate
  • Reinforced skin barrier and improved condition through Cica liposome complex and lactobacillus ferment
  • Protection and hydration akin to a moisture barrier with plant mucin
  • Proven efficacy in skin barrier recovery and calming
  • Formulated following EWG Green standards, toxic 20 filtering, and a 7 free system

How to Use:

Gently press the top button to dispense an adequate amount. Apply evenly across the entire face, massaging until fully absorbed. For precise dosage control, maintain pressure on the button as required.

Pro Tips:

  1. The unique dispensing mechanism allows for easy control of the product amount, ensuring you get just the right coverage every time.
  2. Enhance your skin care routine by combining the ampoule with our Calming Face Cooler for an invigorating cryo facial massage. Simply attach the ampoule to the cooler using the silicone ring for an elevated experience.

Main Ingredients:

  • Fusidium coccineum ferment filtrate: Offers a soothing effect for comforted skin
  • Cica liposome complex & lactobacillus ferment: Strengthens the skin’s barrier and improves overall skin health
  • Plant mucin: Provides protective hydration, mimicking a natural moisture seal on the skin’s surface


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