The Ultimate Battle: Lines Vs. Wrinkles

credit: NY Times

Lines and wrinkles are often considered one in the same, but in actuality they are as unique as the factors that cause them. Each needs it's own separate treatment.


- As fat pads migrate down the face with age, it's common for wrinkles to deepen into the skin.
- Small and fine lines develop from repeated muscle movement. As we get older skin loses it's elasticity, so that the ability to spring back into place becomes harder and less frequent, causing more permanent lines.
- Wrinkles are noticeable folds, ridges, and creases in the skin. They can be caused by age, collagen and elastin breakdown, sun exposure, certain medications, and dehydrated skin.
- A line can turn into a wrinkle when left untreated due to further breakdown of collagen.


The formation of wrinkles and lines can somewhat be controlled, but recent studies have shown that there is a genetic component to it. Genetics can promote stronger muscles in certain areas which can contribute to more lines. Genetics also contributes to collagen levels, skin thickness, and moisture content as your skin ages.


The most important thing you can do for your skin is keep it hydrated with a great moisturizer like Aquaringer Ample Water Cream. Hydrated skin is plump and smooth which makes lines and wrinkles less obvious. In order to block external factors, use a sunblock and avoid smoking.
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